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How tomorrow's industrial supply chain cards... are already being (re)dealt today

Wednesday 27 March - 4 pm

Disrupted supply chains, geopolitical tensions and competition, higher energy and commodity prices, disruption of classic contract manufacturing, Learn to live with it !

Machine builders and OEMS are only as strong as their weakest link (the subcontractor). In times where money is no longer free, inventories have built up, margins are narrowing, people are becoming scarcer, European suppliers have to navigate through stormy weather - let alone invest in digitisation and automation, and circular manufacturing. Is the business model of the Benelux subcontractor in jeopardy, and what does the future of industrial supply look like?


Opening: from 3.45 pm

Debate: 4 pm – 5pm | Conference room – Hall 5 Kortrijk Xpo

Networking reception: from 5 pm

Hosted by AGORIA - business groups en Subcontracting
(Offered for free to you, valued at €75)

  Free pre-registration required (link)  

Together with Carl Berlo of 247TailorSteel, we analyse today's problems, tomorrow's challenges, but also the opportunities that subcontractors must seize to make a difference (and profit) tomorrow. Berlo goes on to explain how the company is innovating via a strong digitalisation, automation, and quick response manufacturing model. Moderator Karl D'haveloose will present the CEO with a series of pressing problems and current issues, in order to jointly reach targeted and pragmatic insights. This event is a essential for every OEM, machine builder -and supplier, subcontractor who wants to shape the future of his future business model.

Carl Berlo - 247TailorSteel

Karl D'haveloose - Industrialfairs

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