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More efficient and flexible manufacturing and engineering processes now top priority - Assess the performance of your factory on 21 & 22 September
We would rather NOT fill your mailbox with 'doom-and-gloom' scenarios for the future of our economy and the environment. You definitely have more important things to do today... like providing your organisation or department with fast and pragmatic technological solutions, based on the relevant insights, budgets and long-term views.

Get straight to the point!
Because you have to decide where and – more importantly – how you are going to deal with issues relating to those energy-intensive processes, the need for more modular components, delays in planning, or accelerated robotisation (or cobotisation), and you should do so today rather than tomorrow. So do not make things more difficult for yourself and make sure to 
save time, speed and expertise by registering today for the meeting of the innovative and forward-looking manufacturing companies that will be held very soon at D2M (Design to Manufacturing) in Kortrijk Xpo.
If you pre-register now, you will benefit from the following:

1. Easy access to the demonstration and networking event bringing together more than 100 subcontractors and suppliers of machines, tools, components, software, and services for smart product development, production, assembly, maintenance, scheduling, testing, logistics, procurement, etc. In short, our 10 technology routes will allow us to connect all the different processes, from product design to the actual manufacturing process (Design to Manufacturing), as we claim.

2. Reserved seats for you (and your colleagues) at the 8 Expert Classes for engineering and production specialists and at the two evening debates for managers and board members.
Time is money: an afternoon (or evening) spent at D2M will save you many weeks of research and meetings
Wednesday 21 September: 14.00-21.00u
Thursday 22 September: 14.00-21.00u

Kortrijk Xpo, Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)

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Kortrijk Xpo
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