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The entire value chain, from design to manufacturing and marketing, is covered in a unique exhibition concept for the Belgian manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers, exclusive distributors, importers and service providers of following products, solutions, software and tools:

  1. Industrial design, engineering, (Co-)creation, design, moulding, virtual & rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing
  2. Transformation, processing en assembly of industrial materials (metals, PVC, composite, hybrids) through production technologies such as welding and bonding, sheet metal working, cutting, erosion, surface treatment, additive manufacturing
  3. Tools and consumables for material transformation and prototyping
  4. Industrial suppliers of components for mechatronics, high-tech systems, constructions, electronics, machine and equipment construction
  5. Software, robotization and digitalization for supply and removal in production processes, tools and value chain in manufacturing industry
  6. Maintenance, repair, overhaul, retrofit and production asset related interventions and optimisations
  7. Knowledge and training centers, technology federations and interest groups, specialized trade publications
In short, D2clearly reflects the mission of the trade fair for the manufacturing industry of the (near or distant) future in one explicit statement: Design to Manufacturing, or the array of technology, tools and solutions that meet the innovative needs of all divisions of the manufacturing company – regardless of individual expertise – to form the greater whole of the agile and smart manufacturing organisation.

Please BE AWARE of misleading documents !

EXHIBITORS NETWORK, FAIRGUIDE, EXPO-GUIDE and other companies sometimes use our name in their misleading correspondence.  We strongly advise you to NOT agree to their offer.  If you sign their documents, you commit yourself for a term of 3 years, with an annual cost of about € 1.300 !  Only communication coming from our own company is valid. If you have any doubts about certain documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Wednesday 27 March 2024
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Kortrijk Xpo
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