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Getting manufacturing and engineering teams to switch more quickly to the new manufacturing methods
Sometimes, departments, and more particularly the egos within them, remain stubbornly and tightly locked in their own little cocoon doing their job. "We are doing just fine and are particularly busy here, so please leave us alone!"... This is what you hear very often in workshops, calculation departments and design offices. In fact, it is a bit like drinking too much coffee in the late afternoon or watching Netflix for too long: you know very well that it is not a good idea, and tomorrow you will do something about it... But day after day, your ingrained routine will always get in the way of your common sense.
Operational teams from production, maintenance, design and engineering mainly want to defend their routine in their own little world. But today, such routines are highly toxic considering what the new normal has in store for your business. Scarce and expensive raw materials and energy, insufficient labour force, a broken supply chain, an impending recession and very demanding customers who want ever smaller batches, produced according to their wishes and preferably delivered the very next day.

All departments in the company therefore have to work closely together, and have 
the best available production and engineering technology available in-house. Today, egos that stand in the way of communication and innovation are something we can all do without. Does this sound familiar?
Time for new insights!

On 21 and 22 September, D2M (Design to Manufacturing – Kortrijk Xpo) will open its doors to manufacturing companies and machine builders that understand the current state of affairs. There is no better way to send a signal to all your colleagues from those critical departments than to go and visit D2M together (in the afternoon and in the evening). Along the 10 predefined technology routes, each team member will be able to attend the expert classes, technology demos and trade fair stands that will help him/her gain better insights.

A technology-driven and innovative trade fair for the manufacturing industry

The common thread that D2also sees as its mission is: optimising your production, design and other critical processes (logistics, maintenance, supply chain, calculation, quality…) with newly available technologies, the combination of existing resources, digitalisation and automation, in order to be able to serve the customers of tomorrow in a competitive, profitable and flexible manner.

Discover the 100 technology partners that will bring you the best available new technologies for production, design, asset management, assembly, maintenance, automation, logistics, etc. by clicking here.

A free knowledge-sharing meeting featuring 8 Expert Classes and 2 high-profile debates on manufacturing

Experts and innovative companies will share their views on automation, robotisation, digitalisation and best practices with you and your colleagues to help your departments innovate. On Wednesday and Thursday evening, D2will treat management and department heads from the manufacturing and machine building sectors to two high-profile debates on manufacturing, in which Captains of Industry, experts and innovative manufacturing companies will discuss how manufacturing companies can not only survive but also achieve success tomorrow in this challenging world of manufacturing. Check out the full programme and book your seat here.
Welcome in the world of new manufacturing techniques
Welcome to 

21 & 22 September | Kortrijk Xpo | 14u00 - 21u00


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