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Wednesday 21 September

14:30 - 15:00
CAD, an enabler for end-to-end digitization?
Philip Eyckens
| Flanders Make
What role is there to play for Computer-Aided Designs in end-to-end digitization, a key Industry 4,0 challenge? When Digital Twins will be established at all major product life phases, we believe one of the key ingredients to provide actionable data and information, will be either derived from CAD or linked to it. At Flanders Make, we have a track record for making CAD more smart, ranging from evaluation of manufacturability and assemblability, over work instruction generation and management, up to exploitation of CAD in AI Vision systems. Join in to see some examples in practice, and discuss next steps in end-to-end digitization.
15:00 - 15:30
Additive Manufacturing: who’s making money?
Kris Binon
| Flam3D
Additive Manufacturing is gaining momentum. But for one company, it remains a prototyping tool whereas others apply it as a fully-fledged manufacturing technology. Which companies in Western Europe are successfully implementing the technology, and how are they getting there? A story on closing the loop & filling the gaps, based on true applications of Additive Manufacturing.
15:30 - 16:00
Silo’s made easy
Tom Demuynck
| Silbloxx
Easy of doing business starts with Silbloxx. Using our online configurator, configuring and ordering your silos becomes effortless. By the automatic calculation of an offer, delivery time and technical drawings you can easily order your silo, incorporate it into your own 3D software and follow up on the production status. The renewed production site makes all the data visible and available, by which you can follow your order real-time throughout the production process. Once arrived our generated digital assembly instructions aid in the build of a complete silo complex. This to embody our vision of a circular economy by and with standard, modular and reusable components for innovative storage products.
16:00 - 16:30
Experience Twin: How to use XR technology in user research to facilitate the design process of new products/technology?
Prof. dr. Ing. Jelle Saldien | dr. Klaas Bombeke | dr. Jelle Demanet
| XR Valley
In user testing, potential end-users of a (new) product/service or technique/procedure are exposed to different scenarios in which the interaction between the user, the product or technology and the context are simulated in order to optimise the user experience (ease of use, learning effect, performance, findability of products in retail...). Unfortunately, good user tests are usually very expensive and very labour-intensive because current user tests mainly make use of physical prototypes/mockups that are tested in in-house labs and/or special test centres.

Experience Twin is a line of research by Ugent and Howest in which we, with the cooperation of various companies in different sectors, want to demonstrate that user tests can be done cheaper, faster and more reliable by using XR technology.
17:30 - 18:30
The brave new world of manufacturing
| Hosted by AGORIA
How Belgian manufacturing companies are constantly and agilely adapting in this challenging, social, technological and geopolitical new world. Pandemics, supply-chain disruptions, resource and component scarcity, war, climate and sustainability, inflation, war on talent are the ingredients that challenge industry and society. What has fundamentally changed, how do we assess these challenges in the medium term, and how do companies shift to optimally manage organisation, processes, customers and employees.

--> Want to know more? Find out everything about the "Captains Debate - by Agoria" via this link.
Thursday 22 September

14:30 - 15:00
The future of mobility has 3 wheels
Nathan De Baets
| Taito
Establishing a hardware development in times when 'component shortages' and 'rising raw material prices' are alternating headliners. They know all about that at TAITO. In 2020, Nathan and two friends started a market research project into the problems of micromobility. Two years later, they came out with their solution, the Taito. The mission is clear: bring safety and sustainability to the e-step world.

What's next? TAITO's ultimate vision is to be able to replace the car in the city of tomorrow. Using modularity and platform thinking, TAITO wants to build an ecosystem to have a solution ready for every situation. How they want to achieve this you can find out in this talk by Nathan.
15:00 - 15:30
How does digitalisation help your business?
Ludwig De Locht
| Sirris
Digital transformation: it can no longer be ignored. By working on digitalisation, you increase efficiency, improve the quality of your offerings and strengthen your competitive position. But what does digital transformation mean for your company? Digital transformation is often associated with specific technologies, such as artificial intelligence or smart products. But this technology push usually does not lead to the desired results. What is the best way to go about it? And with which applications do you make the most progress? We discuss a proven structural and customer-focused approach that helps you to deploy digital technology optimally.
15:30 - 16:00
Page Electronics Assembly engages with Design for Manufacturing & Testing
Luc Page
| Page Electronics Assembly
Luc Page shares his insights on how, in times of disrupted supply chains and materials shortages, Page, as an electronics assembly company, is combining new business models, people and technology to secure its position as a critical supplier. Design advice, early involvement, test-coverage are more important than ever. They also like to work in close consultation with the customer on the construction of test systems.
16:00 - 16:30
From whiteboard to award
Thijs Peeters
| Netalux
Productontwikkeling is een proces van iteraties en continue verbetering maar alles begint bij: een duidelijke visie.
Weten waaròm je iets ontwikkelt biedt houvast en geeft richting aan de chaos die overheerst bij de aanvang van een project.
Hoe kan je het proces versnellen door externe partijen te betrekken bij de realisatie van het product, zonder de weg naar je doel te verliezen?

Netalux ontwikkelde een productgamma van laserreinigingsmachines, waarvan twee machines intussen werden bekroond met de Red Dot Design Award. R&D Manager Thijs Peeters brengt het verhaal van een productontwikkelingsproces van whiteboard, system designs over prototyping tot award.

Een verhaal van trial and error, pragmatiek en kost efficiënt designproces. Geen bodemloze portefeuille, maar roeien met de spanen die je hebt. Een verhaal van kiezen is niet verliezen, maar winnen.
17:30 - 18:30
Manufacturing 4.0 - Closing the loop
| Stas / Vintiv / Jori / Flam3D / KU Leuven / Flanders Make / Sirris
Despite the hype surrounding the concept of Manufacturing 4.0, the adaptation of Industry 4.0, IioT, 3D printing, AI-driven design, machine learning and predictive maintenance within Belgian manufacturing SMEs and machine builders is much slower than expected. So what exactly is the problem? Is it a lack of personnel, resources, knowledge, skills, authorities, education, or perhaps a little of each? What can be done today to catch up (Closing the loop)? The panel of experts (competence and training centres, trade press, manufacturing companies) will not hesitate to hit a raw nerve, but will above all explain how we can close this loop. A wealth of highly valuable insights for business leaders and managers who want to take action now or benchmark themselves against their peers in the sector.

--> Want to know more? Find out everything about the "Manufacturing 4.0 - Closing the loop" debate via this link.


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